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Secretarial Services

We provide secretary services in the following areas :

»» Company Secretary
»» Private Secretary
»» Office Assistance
»» Medical Secretary
»» Legal Secretary
»» Administration Secretary

Back Office Support

We set-up an e-office for your organization at a nominal cost. The team is drawn from a mix of management and IT professionals, backed by dedicated lease-line with live IP. To aid you with co-ordination of your global business operations, we have a team of professionals well versed in office tools like, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PageMaker, HTML and other software. They can assist in:

  • Mailings; Word-processing; Professional Presentations
  • PDF to DOC Conversion
  • Internet and Library Research
  • Web application development and hosting
  • Data Entry; Secretarial Services
  • Database Design and/or Management

Software Development

Customization of software: Even the best of companies, in an effort to generalize the software or a solution, actually make the solutions complex. The solutions or software sometimes need customization, so that, the user don´t have to go back to school. We customize solutions to suit customers´ requirement so that it can be used with ease. We train the users to extract maximum out of the solution.

Web Application Development and hosting: We develop web applications right from content development to aesthetically arranging the content to host the applications with the servers to have high hitting rates.

ERP Solutions: We provide ERP solutions to following industrial sectors:

  1. Hospitals.
  2. Travels.
  3. Couriers.
  4. Schools.
  5. Mailing Solutions.

Development of Courseware

We develop courseware for the individuals and institutes for IT training and for use in Classes. This is basically providing secretarial services, while keeping the central idea of the lecturer/ teacher actually delivering the lectures/ presentations intact. The courseware is developed keeping in mind, the level of course/ students, duration of classes. Apart from framing and outlining the courseware we provide back room support for presentations and deliberation in the class.

Computer Training

We have, to our credit imparting corporate training to staff in some of the most reputed and world class organizations. Our list of client includes Indian Railways, Aar Ess Exim, Viaedge and other ISO 9000 companies. The training is imparted employing the latest technologies and tools like LCD Projectors, Plasma screen and backed by experts in their fields. While providing the training special attention is paid to the fact that it is provided by instructors who have first-hand knowledge of the field. The training is undertaken in small batches and stress is laid on practical applications as well as on theoretical concepts.



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