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~FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)~


Q) What services can provide to you?

A) Currently can bestow you by providing following secretarial services:

  • Company Secretary

  • Private Secretary

  • Office Assistance

  • Medical Secretary

  • Legal Secretary

  • Administration Secretary

Q) what is a Company Secretary?

A) A company secretary can help you deal with business laws and professional meeting. Our professional staff can assist you in company merger acquisition Etc.

Q) What is a Private Secretary?

A) A Private assistant or secretary works for the company's top management, often delegating many clerical duties to less experienced secretaries. Private Secretaries have a demanding job--juggling their boss's busy schedule, making travel arrangements, maintaining correspondence, arranging conference calls, attending board meetings, greeting clients, and supervising clerical staff. They may even assist in research projects or help you to prepare reports.

Q) What is a Office Assistance?

A) Duties of a Office Assistance include answering telephones, routing calls to appropriate staff members, and greeting visitors. Also, Office Assistance can serve as security, monitoring the access of visitors and determining who belongs and who doesn't. When not answering telephone calls, they may be expected to complete other secretarial tasks, such as opening and sorting mail, accepting and distributing parcels, faxing documents, preparing travel vouchers, typing, and filing.

Q) What is a Medical Secretary?

A) A medical secretary is a necessary part of a medical office. These assistants perform standard secretarial duties -- scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining files, and typing dictation notes. Also, a medical secretary acts as an intermediary and responds to patient's questions and concerns when the doctor doesn't have the time to respond personally. Medical secretaries need to be familiar with medical terminology and procedures and spend a good deal of time coordinating patient billing and insurance claims.

Q) What is a Legal Secretary?

A) legal secretary performs all the duties of a standard secretary, such as organizing and maintaining files, answering telephones, and typing documents. Most importantly, these secretaries need to know legal terminology. Legal secretaries prepare correspondences, summonses, complaints, motions, and subpoenas under the supervision of an attorney. They also assist with legal research and may review legal documents

Q) What is a Administration Secretary?

A) A Administration Secretary coordinates the support of all clerical staff to ensure they are working efficiently. They plan and supervise the work of their staff, allocating work assignments and issuing deadlines. Also, they are responsible for office equipment--making sure that it is in good working order and requesting new equipment and supplies when necessary. Other duties include evaluating each staff member's work performance, interviewing prospective employees, and training new employees


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